Google Maps 6.7 for Android adds Offers, more

With the release of Google Maps 6.7, Android users will now be able to sniff out and get directions to Offers, even if they're indoors.

Google Maps version 6.7 for Android has just dropped, and the big news is that it comes loaded with Google Offers. Now, while you're viewing a map, you can pull up a list of offers nearby or see them plotted directly on your map. What's nice is that the integration includes both instant-use offers (digital coupons, basically) and advanced purchase offers (similar to Groupons). If you like, you can even save offers for later and pull them up from the My Offers screen under the main menu. Unfortunately, for now Google Offers are only viewable to Maps users in the U.S.

Another big addition to version 6.7 is indoor walking directions. As you may remember, in November of last year, Google Maps for Android added indoor maps for select airports, malls, and other businesses in the U.S. and Japan. Well, with today's update, users can pull up directions for said buildings. This should prove a big help for navigating large terminals and shopping centers in a hurry.

Finally, Google Maps now offers integrated Google Business Photos as well. This means users can get a panoramic look right inside select businesses. If you're not familiar with the Google Business Photos program, just think of it as Street View, but indoors. You can even swivel around to see a full 360 degrees.

Google Maps 6.7 for Android (download) is available now on Google Play.