With today's jump to version 6.0, Google Maps for Android is taking its powers indoors.

Instead of just dropping you off at the front door of your destination, the improved app is now helping you find your way around the inside of the building. Once you've stepped into a building with coverage, just zoom in to see a detailed floor plan, and as usual, the "blue dot" icon will indicate where you are. You can swipe around just as you would with an outdoor location, and even check out different floors using the numbered selector on the right. Otherwise, whenever you move to a different floor, the floor plan will update automatically.

Mall of America in Minneapolis before and after (Credit: Google)

For now, the technology only covers select airports, transit stations, and big-box retailers in the U.S. and Japan, but we're sure the list will grow rather quickly. Google is even inviting business owners to manually add floor plans to its map database at maps.google.com/floorplans. For a full list of buildings with Indoor Maps coverage, head over to Google's Help Center.

Google Maps 6.0 (download) with Indoor Maps is available for devices running Android versions 2.2 or above.