Google Goggles 1.4 means better business card recognition

The new version of Google Goggles adds personal notes to search history, user suggestions, and improved business card recognition.

Google Goggles for Android jumped to version 1.4 today, and introduced a few significant features that should improve your overall visual search experience.

Search history now enables you to add personal notes to Goggles results, which is a helpful tool for keeping your search history organized, especially if you're conducting any kind of photo-based research. And when you find something interesting, you can easily share it (with or without notes) via the built-in Share function.

Also, in an attempt to make Google Goggles results more consistently useful, the app is now open to suggestions. By cropping and tagging certain parts of an image, you can take an active role in improving the capabilities of the always-learning image recognition app.

Finally, business card recognition, one of the most popular uses of Google Googles, just got a whole lot easier. The app now recognizes business cards as contacts, which streamlines the process of adding them to contact lists.

While this new version of Google Goggles certainly doesn't qualify as a major makeover, users should be happy with these improvements nonetheless.