Google+ for iOS catches up to Android with Instant Upload

Google+ for iOS gets Instant Upload, the What's Hot stream, and more. Android users collectively yawn.

Google+ for iOS has just been updated, and fortunately it's now a bit more like its Android cousin.

The biggest part of the update? Instant Upload. Long a favorite feature of many Google+ for Android (download) users, Instant Upload has finally made its way to the iOS app.

When enabled, it automatically backs up photos to a private album on your Google+ account in the cloud. It's convenient, and makes it easy to share multiple photos with your Circles later. Unfortunately, unlike the feature on the Android platform, Instant Upload for iOS only works "while the Google+ iOS app is open, and for a brief period after you close it." The next time you reopen it, though, it will resume any pending uploads.

Meanwhile, the update also comes with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, the ability to see who +1d a post, and the brand-new What's Hot stream, which Android users got only last week. The What's Hot stream takes a page out Twitter's book and shows you what posts are trending and garnering the most social activity.

And, finally, iOS also gets a nifty little shake-to-send-feedback feature, which pulls up a contact form for the Google+ team with a few flicks of the wrist. This feature is not available for Android.

The newest Google+ for iOS (download) is available for free download now in the iTunes App Store.