Google Cloud helps you sell your stuff on eBay

At Next '17, we discovered how Google Cloud, Google Home, and an eBay bot can work together to price your item so that you don't have to.


What can the cloud do for you? You've seen how it can store your music, photos, and documents, so you can access files from anywhere and sync across devices. But at this week's Google Cloud Next 2017 conference, eBay demonstrated how its bot can use the cloud not just to store digital stuff but to get your physical stuff out of storage and onto eBay.

The Next '17 cloud conference focuses mainly on enterprise users, but consumers can also benefit from Google Cloud, as evidenced by a mind-bending demo during the opening keynote. Crediting Google Cloud technology, eBay's Chief Product Officer RJ Pitman called up eBay's new digital concierge, Shopbot, over Google Home to price-check his camera before listing it on eBay.

After answering a few questions about the camera's condition, brand, and model, the bot found an appropriate price, so Pitman did not have to research pricing. This will no doubt sell eBay's many users on Google Cloud and Google Home.

Over three days, Next '17 will see 10,000 attendees, three keynotes, and 200 sessions devoted to cloud computing on the Google Cloud platform. Google Cloud helps companies like Verizon, SAP, and eBay store and access data, collaborate across countries, and streamline business processes via AI and machine learning.

Jump to 2:35 to see eBay's new digital concierge, Shopbot, in action:

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