Google Android beckons taxis with Cab4me Light

Can't ever flag a cab? Try the Cab4me Light application on your T-Mobile G1 for a change of luck.

Cab4Me Light on G1 phone
Cab4Me Light finds your a ride in portrait and landscape modes. (Credit: Cab4Me)

Why isn't there ever a cab around when you need one?

The free Google Android application Cab4Me Light makes finding, scheduling, and calling cabs to your side virtually brainless. Cab4Me Light's interface is simple and efficient, with one tab that shows where you are on the map and another that shows the details of cab companies in your area.

Step 1, drag your approximate location on a zoomable Google map. You can use GPS to locate yourself or enter a new address or a contacts' address to call the cab to a different location. Step 2, either click the orange button to call a cab company or switch to the Taxi tab for a scrollable list. The application asks if you're sure you want to place the call, a good precaution.

There's more to it, of course. Press the Menu button and you'll be able to view maps in satellite and illustrated modes, you can view the map for taxi stands a short distance away, and you can ping Cab4Me with news of other gathering points, like train stations and hotels that they can add to their lists.

The "light" features in Cab4Me Light refer to the service's current way of giving you the tools to flag your own ride. The full version, still in development, will have you ordering cabs from the interface, without first placing a call.

Cab4Me will partner with taxi companies that will respond when you press the button. Why isn't that out yet? Those partnerships are still being finessed as cab companies opt in and fill up Cab4Me's database.

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