Gooey physics-based fun for Android

World of Goo, the award-winning hit from PC, Mac, Wii Ware, and iOS, brings its ooey, gooey, physics-based fun to Android.

The award-winning World of Goo is now available in the Android Market.

Previously a hit on the PC, Mac, Wii Ware, and iOS platforms, now Google Android users get to join in on all the ooey, gooey physics-based fun.

If you've never played World of Goo, it's a visually stunning puzzler that lets you create structures out of tiny, elastic balls of goo. Think Apparatus or X Construction, but covered in slime. As you can imagine, it's incredibly challenging to create, say, a structurally sound bridge from elastic gooballs, but that's why this game is so fun. Also, each level only gives you a finite number of gooballs to work with, which teases your brain even further.

With its superb graphics, sound, intuitive gameplay, and superchallenging puzzles, we think World of Goo is a winner. Give the demo version a try, and let us know if you're as addicted as we are.

The World of Goo demo is available for free in the Android Market. The full version, with every chapter, is available for $4.99.