Gone in 30 minutes

Malware truths dash William's confidence minutes after he completes his university admissions essay. He learned a lesson--was it the right one? Brush up on important malware truths and falsehoods in this week's Spyware Horror Story.

Spyware Horror Story

William is philosophizing to his toothbrush one minute and contemplating practicing shot put with his computer the next. What burst his bubble?

William blames a virus, and in his tussle with the malignant malware, he learns a few lessons about the risks of sharing a computer with family and friends. But was it actually a virus that got him, and are the lessons he learned the right ones?

After the frustrations of dealing with damaged data, it's easy to generalize about past and future behavior. Set the record straight in a thrilling malware true-and-false in this week's Spyware Horror Story, Gone in 30 minutes.

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