When it comes to surfing the Web, Opera has always been ready to make a splash. The browser with the small-but-loyal user base (less than 2 percent of total market share) is all about networking, creating a zippy browser for the desktop and laptop, cell phone, USB or external drive, and devices like portable media players and the Nintendo Wii. It's no surprise that Opera would be first in line to surf Helio's compact line of custom mobile phones.

Of course, nothing's perfect, report the troops over at Heliocity. Opera Mini wasn't designed for Helio, so burps and stutters may dog otherwise even performance. You can test drive Opera Mini's latest release, Opera Mini 4 beta, and tell us if you think it's ready for the Helio, or any other mobile device.

Correction: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated that Opera is an open-source browser--it is not--and implied that Opera was involved in making the Opera Mini browser compatible on Helio phones. It was not.

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