Get ready to rumble in Punch Hero

Punch Hero brings console-quality arcade boxing to your mobile device.

Every night is fight night in Gamevil's boxing title, Punch Hero (iOS | Android). Punch Hero is a cel-shaded arcade boxing game that packs plenty of action and customizable features. And best of all, it's free.

Don't let your guard down... (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho)

The fighting controls are pretty simple: tap the left or right side to throw a jab or swipe across the screen to throw a hook. You can also swipe diagonally to throw a slower but stronger uppercut to deal more damage. There are also dedicated roll buttons that players can use to dodge and counter attacks.

Punch Hero throws over a dozen fighters in your path on the way to the top, with each fighter more menacing than the last.

Dodge and roll, then land a counter hook. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho)

You can also go through Training mode to hone your reflexes and build up your stats to increase the speed and damage of your fighter. There are also fun features like mapping your face onto the boxer and even sparring with zombies. Yeah. Zombies.

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