Get into the flow of screencasts

This week's Download Dispatch for Mac includes ScreenFlow, iFFmpeg, and Battle for Wesnoth. Get all the latest Mac software news and updates from the Download Dispatch for Mac.

ScreenFlow is a popular screen-recording and editing tool for creating screencasts, such as presentations, tutorials, and product demos, on your Mac.

This app can handle every aspect of pulling together a screencast, from high-quality screen capture (including grabbing iSight and DV camera data, and mic and computer audio) to editing and exporting, with built-in YouTube publishing. If you're looking for a way to capture the activity on your screen--for whatever purpose--ScreenFlow is one of the best apps of its kind for the Mac.

Also this week, we have the latest update for iFFmpeg, the free, easy-to-use front end for the powerful command-line tool FFmpeg, which lets you easily convert media files between different formats. Our game this week is Battle for Wesnoth, a free, open-source strategy game that's nothing to write home about graphically, but offers tons of content and challenging gameplay that will appeal to any strategy gaming fan.

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