Fun flying with Power Downloader

Kitty Kilobyte is off to Europe for her annual vacation abroad, she and asked Power Downloader to help her get through the long flight. See which game he recommended for hours of brain-bending entertainment.

Kitty Kilobyte is off to Europe for her annual vacation abroad. Like many of us, she loves travel but hates flying. When she asked Power Downloader if he had any advice--such as a program that was so boring it would put her to sleep for 10 hours--he came back with an alternative plan.

MahJong Suite 2008 has clear and simple navigation so that players can focus on the fun. (Credit: TreeCardGames)

Instead of boring herself to sleep, Power Downloader suggested Kitty try a brain challenge--an engaging game that would take her mind off the pre-flight horrors of the TSA and the in-flight trauma of getting stuck with the middle seat. Power D's recommendation this week is MahJong Suite 2008. With more than 50 mahjong and Concentration-style layouts, this attractive and addictive suite is a bonanza for tile-game lovers. The convenient browser organizes layouts by difficulty, number of levels, and several other factors. If you like, the game will choose a random layout for you.

Give the demo a spin to see how you like the gameplay and feel of the various options, but don't forget that the demo doesn't allow reshuffling. Even with that limitation, Power D reminded Kitty, the 30-day trial should be more than enough time to determine if this suite is right for you. Assuming you happen to finish the layouts, there's a built-in game editor so you can quickly design more. There's even included statistics, so numbers fanatics can keep track of their progress, no matter who's fighting them for the armrest.