Fring spiffs up VoIP app for Windows Mobile

Mobile VoIP company Fring adds a number of advanced features to its Windows Mobile app, including file transferring.

Fring on Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile may be an ugly stepchild of mobile platforms, but among more ambitious publishers, it hasn't been forgotten.

Months after adding file transferring abilities to its Symbian version, Fring, a free VoIP communication company, is conferring this and other features to an updated versions of Fring for Windows Mobile.

In addition to sending images, audio, and video files to friends on Skype, SIP, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, and ICQ, the latest version of Fring for Windows Mobile also packs on support for add-ons, an indicator message as contacts type out an IM response, and long-overdue privacy settings.

The interface is also freshened, and owners of recent HTC phones like the Touch Diamond will get to speak to pals on VoIP from their earpieces, particularly useful when driving.

Windows Mobile users are going to like the sudden attention, but those who have switched to BlackBerry are going to wonder where the love is.

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