Friday 5: Onion Browser, JOT, Weather Line, SiaMoji, DealRay

The five most noteworthy apps of the week.

Welcome to the Friday 5! Every week we'll bring you the most noteworthy apps for Android and iOS. This week we have apps for privacy-minded Web surfers, note takers, weather watchers, travel-deal hunters, and people who want to know what they'd look like with Sia's hair.

Onion Browser (iOS)


Privacy-minded? Then a Tor browser is just what the security expert ordered. Relying on virtual tunnels instead of direct connections, Tor lets users search and share anonymously. However, Tor hasn't been well-represented on iOS due to system peculiarities. Now Onion Browser is changing that, bringing Tor browsing to your iPhone.

JOT (Just Open & Type) (iOS)


JOT (Just Open & Type) is a speedy note-taking app for iPhone. Great for when you're on the go, the bare-bones app opens up ready for typing and locks automatically. Just type, hit post, and be confident that your note is password protected.

Weather Line (iOS)


It's raining cats and weather apps. How do you choose the right one? Weather Line for iPhone, powered by Dark Sky, relies on 19 different weather sources and machine-learning algorithms. At just $2.99, it provides up-to-the-minute rainfall forecast, humidity, and more. Its easy-to-read hourly, daily, and monthly graphs set it apart from other weather apps.

SiaMoji (iOS, Android)


Can't get enough of singing sensation Sia? Then keyboard app SiaMoji for iOS and Android is a must download. SiaMoji offers 50, fun Sia-themed emoji, 17 GIFs, and a custom message emoji. You can even Sia-fy yourself with Sia's trademark, two-tone bob. Then share your creation over messaging or social media.

DealRay (iOS)


Searching for great travel deals is too taxing. So sign up for DealRay and let the iPhone app work for you. For $9.99 per month, you'll get great flight deals sent to your phone via iPhone notification or SMS. Found a deal you like? DealRay will always direct you to book on the site with the best price..

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