Friday 5: Gmail, Messenger Day, Spotify and Waze, Fitbit, and GlassWire

Wave and Spotify work together, Messenger gains disappearing messages, and more.

This week's Friday 5 includes money transfers through Gmail for Android, evaporating images in Facebook's Messenger, soundtracks while you travel with Spotify and Waze, a new Fitbit activity dashboard, and a handy network monitor from GlassWire.

Gmail (Android)

An update rolling out to Android users this week lets you transfer funds using the Gmail app. To send money, tap the Attachment icon, enter the amount you want to send, and select the payment method. When someone sends you funds via Gmail, you can transfer the money to your bank from within the app. You can also request a payment by tapping the Attachment icon and then tapping Attach Request. Transfers are fee-free for both parties.


Messenger Day (Android and iOS)

Facebook's Messenger just added more Snapchat-like features that let you share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. The temporary images appear as part of My Day, and you can choose whether to share your day with everyone or just a select few contacts. Images that are part of your day are not on displayed on Facebook.


Spotify and Waze for Android

Waze and Spotify this week started working together to supply a soundtrack for your road trips. You can connect your Android Waze and Spotify accounts so that you can play music in Waze and receive navigation assistance in Spotify.


Fitbit (Android and iOS)

The reworked dashboard in the Fitbit app gives you a quick look at your daily activity. You can drag around the different activity tiles -- including steps, miles, heart rate, and sleep activity -- to customize the look of the dashboard. Tap an activity tile to see more details. You can also monitor how your friends are doing and check in on any activities you are participating in.


GlassWire (Android)

The free GlassWire app for Android monitors your phone's network activity and displays how much data your apps are using, both on Wi-Fi and on your carrier network. GlassWire presents lives graphs of network activity and alerts you when a new app starts using data. You can see usage by day, week, or month and can check activity for individual apps. Helpfully, you can set data alerts that monitor your monthly usage and notify you when you getting close to your monthly data limit. The company says it collects no user data.


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