Friday 5: CNN, Instagram, Spotify, Gboard, and Steps

CNN gets more timely, Instagram lets you post multiple photos and videos at once, Spotify adds original podcasts, Gboard includes new emoji, and Steps turns you into an extrovert.


This week's Friday 5 includes a major overhaul of CNN's Android app, an Instagram update that enables you to post multiple photos and videos, Spotify's new podcast series, Gboard's support of iOS 10 emoji, and a new app that can help you overcome social anxiety.

CNN Breaking US & World News (iOS, Android)


Can't get enough up-to-the-minute news on your Android device, but you're not a fan of CNN's dated interface? News flash: CNN has overhauled its Android app for "speed, simplicity, in-depth storytelling and a focused, first-in-class video experience," according to the media giant. Expect a more modern interface, smoother navigation, larger photos, live video, and customizable alerts.

Instagram (iOS, Android)


Can't figure out which photo to post from the big party? Instagram just rolled out a major update that enables you to simultaneously post up to 10 photos and videos. The new carousel-style posts will feature one cover photo that can be swiped away to surface up to nine others. You can also edit, filter, or rearrange the photos prior to posting.

Spotify Music (iOS, Android)


Spotify proves once again that it's more than a music app with the addition of three original podcast series. "Showstopper" asks music supervisors about television's best musical moments. "Unpacked" will feature interviews with creatives at music festivals. And "The Chris Lighty Story" chronicles how the music mogul has molded the careers of hiphop legends like LL Cool J and 50 Cent.

Gboard (iOS, Android)


Google's keyboard, popular for its glide-typing and integrated search, has finally caught up with iOS 10 on iPhones. Gboard now supports iOS 10's latest emoji, as well as voice typing and 15 new languages.

Steps: Overcome Social Anxiety (iOS)


Do you have difficulty with face-to-face communication? The Steps app helps you move past your hangups and move on to rewarding experiences. Choose a step-by-step challenge, such as Talking With Strangers, where you'll say hello to someone new, ask a dog owner for their pet's name, or buy a coffee for a stranger. Complete your challenges, and you'll be only too happy to share your success story with others over the app.

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