Freeware Friday: Finished with work? Let's blow some stuff up!

Unleash your destructive side (safely) with this week's top free titles.

Ever fantasized about being Godzilla so you could go out and knock over some buildings? Maybe you wish you could blow up an army of tanks and alien invaders. Well, the Freeware Crew is here to make all these dreams come true.

This week's top free titles let you unleash havoc and destruction (in a legal and physically harmless fashion, of course) upon urban environments as a giant boxing 'Zilla, a super fighting robot, and as a gangster in a game that should rekindle memories of your early gaming days.

Roar Rampage

Imagine you've turned into a 60-foot dinosaur and your son's just been kidnapped. Now, imagine you were also a former boxer. Those buildings in front of you aren't going to destroy themselves! Trample through the city, smash skyscrapers to the ground, and swat helicopters down like flies in this free, brightly animated browser game. Use the mouse to smash anything that stands in your way and safely reach the end goal for bonus points. Did I mention that you can also enhance your destructive fists with bombs?

Attack of the 50ft Robot

In this game designed to replicate the feeling of a horrible 1950s movie, you play as a 50-foot robot programmed for one purpose: destruction. Use your newly found powers to punch buildings, terminate attacking army forces, and throw your head at flying saucers. This free, PhysX-powered game was developed by students from the DigiPen Institute of Technology for IGF. Give it a go, Mr. Roboto.

Grand Theft Auto 2

Causing mayhem as a goliath may be fun, but you might prefer to get down and dirty to wreak havoc on the street level. While this may be an oldie, it's still a classic worth checking out. Rockstar has rereleased the PC/PSX classic, Grand Theft Auto 2, so you can take your fury to the streets. Punch pedestrians, steal cars, or find yourself a rocket launcher to really start some fires. Revisit the roots of open-world gaming by downloading this gangster-gunning classic.

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