Free Office Mobile 2010 upgrade for Windows Mobile 6.5

Office Mobile 2010 exited beta today and is available as a free Marketplace upgrade for Windows 6.5 phones.

Hand in hand with the release of Microsoft's Office 2010 productivity suite (for businesses Wednesday and for consumers in June) comes its to-go version, Office Mobile 2010.

If you've already got Office Mobile on your Windows Mobile 6.5 phone, get over to the Marketplace app starting Wednesday and search for "Office Mobile 2010" to download the update for free. Office Mobile 2010 slings new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and SharePoint Workspace your way.

In addition to a new interface design that's more touch-screen-friendly, there are neat new tricks like the ability to edit PowerPoint presentations from the phone, and a new conversation view for Outlook 2010 Mobile e-mail messages that's analogous to the desktop version of Office 2010. Grouping related messages has been available in Gmail since its first days.

Another new feature in Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile 2010 lets you read presentation notes from the phone while your slides play on a laptop or computer. You can also use the app to advance slides.

Since Office Mobile 2010 is a productivity suite, give yourself time to download and install the 4.9MB file.

Read Microsoft's official blog announcement and learn more about the features here.

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