FlyCast hopes to lure BlackBerry users this November

FlyCast will release a music and entertainment application that gets friendly with three Blackberry phones.

FlyCast on the BlackBerry Bold
FlyCast on the BlackBerry Bold (Credit: FlyCast)

If you happen to be scouting new music on your BlackBerry two Saturdays from now, you could be one of the first to try out the free FlyCast entertainment app.

Launching November 1, FlyCast, which is already available for iPhone, will offer its radio, video, and podcast channels for BlackBerry Curve, Bold, and Storm phones. In addition, FlyCast's programming includes news, sports, weather, and traffic stations. The media can freely run in the background, which lets you listen to music while you do other things on the phone.

You'll be able to download FlyCast when the time is right by pointing your BlackBerry browser to FlyCast will compete directly with the Slacker app for BlackBerry, which is also set to release sometime "soon."

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