Flixlab lets you and a friend create fun movies easily

Flixlab was updated today to include new features that let you make videos of events using content from your and your friends' iPhones.

Once you've made your choices, you can always go back and switch elements before producing the final product. (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Flixlab is a free app that has been available on the iPhone for a couple of months now, letting you quickly make movies and share them with your Facebook friends without a lot of hassle. Today, the Flixlab app was updated to include a cooperative movie-making mode: you'll now be able to take pictures and videos of an event with a friend and then quickly share and combine the content from both of your iPhones into one video.

Flixlab takes all the busywork out of making good-looking movies by adding all effects, transitions, and music before you share them with your Facebook friends. Simply follow the app's step-by-step process to choose images and videos from your iPhone's photo library. Then pick from several themes to fit the content, add text slides, and choose the type of transitions you want to use between slides or videos. From there, you'll be able to pick a song from your music library to tie the project together. When you're finished, you can upload the video directly to Facebook and Flixlab will let you tag your friends (just as you would for Facebook photos) so it will show up on their profile walls immediately.

Make a comment, tag your friends, and adjust privacy settings before uploading to Facebook. (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

"Smartphones are increasingly becoming the device of choice for consumers to capture videos and photos. Yet, most people do nothing with this footage--they just leave it on their phones, or at best upload single clips," said CEO David Slater in a press release. "Our research has shown that true sharing experiences require more than just single video clips and pictures; people want to share their lives by combining multiple clips and pictures to tell a complete story. Flixlab solves this by automatically making great movies from what individuals and their friends have captured together."

Though there are a lot of video-making apps in the iTunes App Store, there are not many that offer the shared video-making features found in Flixlab. Depending on how users receive these latest new features and how the developers move forward with the app in the future, it could become a very popular app for creating and uploading video to Facebook.

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