Fixes and advancements

This week Microsoft fills some holes, Evernote parties with publishers, and MP3tunes makes music more free.

On Tuesday, Microsoft released four security bulletins that fixed five holes in Office and Windows. We surveyed the mess, which included a critical vulnerability in a Windows Help and Support Center feature that has been targeted by attacks. The reparations also deal with vulnerabilities in the Canonical Display Driver and Microsoft Office Access ActiveX Controls.

Another noteworthy announcement is Evernote's introduction of "The Trunk," which is essentially an extra button where users can access a directory of third-party sites and tools that make the popular note-taking tool even more useful. In addition, Evernote will offer a feature called "branded notebooks," nifty savable collections of content and features from publishers. This added functionality combined with the ability to share saved items with other people is giving the application a business- and education-friendly boost.

On the musical side of things, we talk about MP3tunes, a music cloud service where users can upload up to 2GB of music for free. Users can then access their libraries from the Web and on handheld devices such as Android and iPhone. Not only can listeners upload free music, but the service also recognizes your iTunes playlists.