First Look video: Urbanspoon for iPhone, iPod Touch

Tired of discovering restaurants the usual way? Try the dining slot machine on Urbanspoon's iPhone app to find your dinner.

There are just three simple instructions for finding local restaurants with Urbanspoon for iPhone and iPod Touch, an application developed by the makers of

Step 1: If you're one the iPhone, let the app use GPS to pinpoint your location. If you're on the iPod Touch, tap the button to enter your city.

Step 2: Vigorously shake the device up and down like you would a blocked-up ketchup bottle. Or simply press the "shake" button.

Step 3: Watch the application's slot machine wheels spin as Urbanspoon settles on a cuisine, price range, and finally on a restaurant selection in a nearby neighborhood.

From there, you can spin again for a different recommendation, click to view the suggested restaurant's details, or read users' and critics' reviews. Even if you take a dim view of playing a casino game to find your supper, the application's browse and search panels offer more conventional tools. See all the ways you can discover local restaurants in the First Look video above.

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