First Look video: SolSuite Solitaire

Solitaire, you say? Pshaw! But with more than 450 game variations, a smooth look, and plenty o' stats, this isn't your mama's deck of cards.

As unexotic as it may sound, I really do enjoy a good game of digital solitaire from time to time. But once you've got the basics down, doesn't it get old? Probably not if SolSuite Solitaire is laying down the deck. A list of games nearing 500 tests luck and skill, and ranges from easy to difficult play. The game has a fair amount of customization, as well as automated tutors and ways to look up rules. High scores are also posted from around the globe. SolSuite Solitaire is thick with statistics that track how many points you score over how many moves in how many seconds, and it packs tools to track your progress over time. Though it's a solo card game in an Internet epoch where social gaming is king, be forewarned: get a little curious about new game arrangements and this app will suck you in.

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