First Look video: iTunes (Mac)

Most Mac users are pretty well-versed when it comes to iTunes. But if you would like an overview of how stuff works in Apple's popular media application, check out this First Look video with CNET's Jason Parker.

iTunes needs little in the way of an introduction--especially for Mac users. Apple's popular media player comes equipped with the capability to play your music, rip CDs, help you buy music from the iTunes Store, and much more. Those with new iPhones (or the latest firmware update) should definitely download this latest version to gain access to Apple's iPhone App Store.

Check out this First Look video with's Jason Parker to find out a little more about iTunes, along with some features and hot-keys experienced users may not already know.

About Jason Parker

Jason Parker has been at CNET for more than 13 years. He is the Senior Editor in charge iOS software and has become an expert reviewer of the software that runs on each new Apple device. He now spends most of his time covering Apple iOS releases and third-party apps.