First Look video: Internet Download Manager

Those who want their downloads fast (who doesn't?) should grab this download manager. Featuring file-splitting technology and the ability to schedule downloads for low-traffic periods, this download manager has what it takes to get your files fast.

Even if you have broadband, downloading the big files can take a long time. Users with slower Internet access have to wait even longer. Fortunately there's a way to speed up downloads simply by changing the way you download. Internet Download Manager splits files into pieces and downloads each piece simultaneously to get the completed file to you much faster.

Even if download speeds aren't an issue for you, Internet Download Manager lets you schedule downloads for low traffic periods, restart interrupted downloads (like those broken during a power outage, for example), and it works with almost any Web browser.

Still not ready to hit Download Now? Then let Jason Parker try to convince you in this First Look at Internet Download Manager.

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