First Look video: Dream Aquarium Screensaver

Mellow out with a screensaver that puts the tools to build a very realistic-looking aquarium in your hands.

If you're the kind of clenched-up stresser who finds it hard to relax, invest in an aquarium. Watching the fishies swim by is a peaceful, soothing pastime, experts say. But are you really going to cart the whole operation into the office? Roll up your sleeves to siphon mucky water into your garbage can? Heft the tank to your coworkers' desk when your office is locked over vacation? Yeah, right. Undersea observation may do the trick at home, but for the office, a screensaver like Dream Aquarium Screensaver is a heck of a lot more practical. It works, too. I've been so relaxed it's taken me three hours to write this post.

The yuks aside, Dream Aquarium Screensaver comes highly recommended. The trial version available on CNET gives you access to most settings features, but limits the tank's population to three fish and a crab. You'll also receive more than a few visits from the program's nag screen to purchase the full version, but it's not overly intrusive and doesn't mar the main event: watching tropical sea life.

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