First Look: Facebook for BlackBerry

Facebook on BlackBerry could just be a perfect symbiosis of functionality and ease. You'll be able to write and read message and Wall posts, upload photos, and update your status from your phone.

You won't be able to turn people into zombies with Facebook for BlackBerry (quick link), but you will be able to perform the essential Facebook maneuvers to keep up with your friends. Since launching in late October 2007, the wildly popular app has topped 1,000,000 downloads. With intuitive actions and a familiar look and feel that mimics the online site, it's easily a must-have BlackBerry app.

Be forewarned that the application doesn't scrimp on profile photos, so data transfers can sometimes limp along. Have patience. Also, since Facebook for BlackBerry's functionality is currently limited to proprietary apps, you'll have to learn to live without those third-party diversions that have given Facebook renewed soul. However, what you lose from Scrabulous deprivation, you partially regain by being able to tag and upload photos from your phone to your profile.

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P.S. Does this video seem familiar? It's not deja vu, we just really like this app. This version corrects errors in which carriers the app supports and how users can get started with Facebook for BlackBerry--to save you some search time, we've made it easy with this link.

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