First-class file recovery

When Power Downloader got a virus on his laptop, he lost crucial data about an important case. Far from home, his only hope was to find software that could bring his files back from the dead.


Recently, when Power Downloader got hit with a nasty virus while out in the field, several folders of important data were lost. Though many of the files would be available to him when he returned to the Power Lair, some files were crucial to his current case. Many miles from home, Power had only one option: recovery software.

Thinking quickly, Power Downloader searched for a software savior. After only a few clicks of his mouse, he was able to locate R-Studio. With the help of a generous front-desk clerk at his hotel, Power was able to use a second computer to create emergency floppy disks to aid his recovery effort. Inserting the disk into his laptop, Power used R-Studio's extensive help files to determine which recovery type was needed to reclaim his data. After registering for R-Studio and scanning his drive, Power was able to determine which files were recoverable and proceeded to bring them back from the void. Though it was a difficult process, Power recovered most of the data he needed to continue with his case. It cost him close to $50 for R-Studio, but the crucial information he got back made the purchase well worth the money.

Sometimes, even Power Downloader's digital defenses can be breached by a malicious virus, resulting in data loss. Fortunately, with R-studio in his software arsenal, Power can recover most of his important files and get back to the business of capturing Internet bad guys.

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