Firefox speeds up

Over the past week, we saw another Firefox 4 beta refresh, took in some news from Google on Chrome, and watched Microsoft mock Google.

Lots happening in the browser world these days. For one, Mozilla is finally nearing completion of the next generation of its popular open-source browser, and the beta version of Firefox 4 is beginning to solidify into its final form. In the latest Firefox 4 beta, the browser focuses on faster start-up times brought by making improvements elsewhere in the code.

Google also made some developments with Chrome. Namely, the browser got a new developer hierarchy. Instead of notifying a "watchlist" of programmers who are affected by a particular change to the code in Chrome, a programmer on an "owners" list must now approve the change. Google also paid its first top-end bounty for Chrome vulnerability.

It wasn't all progress for Google, though, as the search giant took in some jeers from Microsoft. Thursday, an evangelist of the company mocked Google's decision to remove H.264 video support from Chrome, implying that Google is trying to impose an edict on an industry that's already made up its mind to the contrary.