FindWhere: Your GPS gizmo is your phone

Devices and software often overlap. Here's one service that mirrors a GPS-locater gadget using your cell phone as the main gizmo.

The other day my esteemed colleague Leslie Katz mentioned a lightweight gadget you can slip into a car's glove compartment or onto a pet's collar to locate the things you care about wherever they are. If the device doesn't provide enough stats for your detail-hungry brain or seem adequate to cover human cargo, FindWhere offers a similar tracking service using a gadget that your teen/workforce/elderly parent most likely already has--a mobile phone.

Like the Zoombak Universal GPS Locator, FindWhere offer worriers no-go zones whose border crossing sends text message or e-mail alerts to whoever's at the helm of Mission Control. The service keeps going with detailed location reporting, a panic alert for emergencies, and a number of battery-checking and motion detection routines for each cell phone under surveillance.

Of course, it's not as good at geolocating your pooch, and subscription prices can skyrocket the more advanced a micromanager you are. The GPS device works out to be cheaper in the long run, but FindWhere is another service we thought you should know about that goes beyond the basics.

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