Featured Freeware: Security Process Explorer

Replace your Windows Task Manager with Security Process Explorer and gain power-user strength that Microsoft has kept from you.

Security Process Explorer is a freeware replacement for the Windows native Task Manager. It comes with some useful functions, but the simplistic layout doesn't adapt well when displaying deeper investigations into the relationships between different processes. Still, it's worth looking at.

It offers many of the same functions that other process-managing programs offer. You can explore the connections between different processes, block processes, end them, and view in-depth information about a particular process. You can even search on the Web for a particular process, but unlike other programs, Security Process Explorer takes you to a proprietary page to learn more.

It's stable, it only eats about 4MB of RAM, and beginning users will appreciate that the information clutter isn't overwhelming. Still, the program feels unfinished, as if an interface that veered toward either slickness or geekiness might serve it better. There's no doubt, though, that you can get what you need from this useful app.