Featured Freeware: Print2PDF

Turn almost any savable file into a PDF using Print2PDF, which installs as a print driver but can encrypt, watermark, and sign PDF documents.

Turn almost any savable file into a PDF using Print2PDF. Like similar programs, this useful utility installs as a print driver, allowing the user to specify settings such as fonts and image-compression quality inside the print dialog of the other applications.

Users can encrypt, watermark, or sign a document, and can configure user permissions to print, copy, or change the file. During tests, the output quality and conversion speed both proved quite satisfactory. If you're looking to convert documents into the PDF format, this tool will likely have all the options you need.

Newer features include support for prepress graphics-file exchange, file attachments, and a self-extracting client version. There's a lot here, and it works exceedingly well--sure to appeal to home businesses, small business owners, or anybody who needs a sharp PDF creation tool.