Featured Freeware: Miro

Stability problems are a thing of the past for Miro, and the signal is clear: get your favorite videos from CNET and other content providers, download torrents, and discover new favorites all from the same open-source video player/manager.

The age of video distribution over the Internet has just begun, and open-source and DRM-free Miro for both Mac and Windows is perfectly poised to take advantage of the still-growing, still-unsettled paradigm.

Along with standard multicodec video playback, Miro supports torrents and completed torrent playback, watches to manage both old and new content in user-defined folders, resumable playback, video sharing and hosting, and assistance in creating videos. One of Miro's most compelling features are the channels that organize video feeds by topic--integration with Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and other search engines and video Web sites makes discovering favorites and new material exceedingly effortless.