Featured Freeware: Me.dium

Make Web surfing a communal activity, even when you're alone in a room. Me.dium brings old friends and new ones together with a slick interface that encourages communication while you surf.

Me.dium is a free social networking tool for Firefox and Internet Explorer with a twist. It lets you browse the Internet alongside your friends, and even make new ones.

The interface is modern without being obnoxious. A sidebar and a toolbar appear in your browser window. The top panel of the sidebar is a map that lets you view what sites your friends are visiting. The bottom panel of the sidebar lets you view your friends profiles and send messages. Me.dium will definitely appeal to Facebook users because you can send messages directly to your Facebook friends from the toolbar. There's practically no lag time between creating a profile and when your icon appears on the map. Avatars of friends that you've invited also appear quickly, indicating smooth work on Me.dium's backend. Visibility settings can be changed with a quick click of our mouse. Safe browsing is ensured when visiting secured Web site because the program self-suspends sharing until you leave the site.

If you're into the social networking, we recommend you give this fun, free application a shot.