Featured Freeware: LogMeIn Free

If you're hunting for free remote access for more than one computer, look no further than LogMeIn Free.

The name might be LogMeIn, but the motto should be SignMeUp.

The fact that it's free to use for multiple remote PCs, with reasonable monthly plans if you need more--five computers for $20 per month or $200 per year--makes this remote-access program instantly appealing. The program differs from its competitors in that the application runs in your Web browser. If you're running Firefox, it asks to install a plug-in, then opens an emulator of the remote PC in a new window.

The control window gives you some standard options such as Ctrl-Alt-Del (which kills the connection) and changing the view settings, as well as tabbed access to adjust the connection setting. The 256-bit SSL encryption and dual passwords--one for the program and one for the remote PC's log-in--are welcome protections. File transfer and synchronization features are limited to paid users, but for the functionality and the price, LogMeIn is an excellent program.