Featured Freeware: Better Gmail

Think you're passionate about Gmail? You might have to turn in your fan club membership card if you're not using the Firefox extension Better Gmail, so check out why this is a must-use add-on.

Web-based email clients tend to evoke passions not dissimilar to those that govern which browser you use to check them. If Gmail is your fave, and you use Firefox to check it, Better Gmail is must-have extension.

Properly called Better Gmail 2 to distinguish itself from the previous version of the plug-in which had been designed for the older version of Gmail, Better Gmail introduces a highly useful collection of Greasemonkey scripts bundled into one convenient package.

The features come fast and furious, but should appeal to users looking for everything from skins to keyboard shortcuts. It can force an encrypted https connection, redirect all mailto links to open in Gmail, and offers hotkey support for two different sets of macros. Attachment icons, row highlighting, always showing the blind carbon copy and carbon copy fields, supporting HTML signatures, and more make Gmail superlatively customizable. A field to enter your Google apps domain rounds out the advanced settings, and makes this one of the most effective add-ons around.