Featured Freeware: AltMove Manager

Teach your mouse some new tricks with AltMove Manager.

It adds new functionality to your mouse, there's little to learn, and it's free. AltMove Manager is a mouse and desktop enhancement manager that can move and resize windows that are locked, grab a screenshot, and magnify a window under the mouse. You can easily add a few others through the Actions menu.

As an executable, the app doesn't need to be installed--just run the executable for the shortcuts to be in place. The regular settings include some standard program options for running the executable at start-up and keeping it on top. Advanced settings let you move back and forth with a combination of left and right mouse buttons, limiting shortcuts to within a certain range or certain time interval. Tooltips will help you stay on top of what this powerful little app can do.

Some people have reported shortcuts not working, but I encountered no problems when I used it.