Experience Vimeo.com on your iPhone

Vimeo's new free app lets you get to all the great content at Vimeo.com and gives you the tools to make your own movies, all with an intuitive interface.

Vimeo for iPhone
Use the Browse tab to quickly get to the most popular Vimeo channels. (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Popular video enthusiast site Vimeo.com does not have the same level of viewership as YouTube, but it's definitely a great place to find interesting user-made videos. Today, Vimeo released a free iPhone app that lets you bring the video site with you on the go, but it lacks one very important feature.

Vimeo for iPhone (free) lets you join up with the site or log in within the app so you can upload, edit, and view videos on your iPhone. It comes with many of the popular Vimeo user-requested features like the Inbox, the ability to Watch Later, and Vimeo's selection of Channels. The interface uses buttons across the bottom of the screen, letting you browse your finished videos in My Videos, flick through your current projects in Recordings, and look at videos you previously "liked" in My Stuff. There's also a place to Browse Vimeo videos and look at your account information.

When you want to make a video of your own, simply hit the My Videos button and create a new video using your iPhone camera or choose an existing video from your library. From there you'll be able to edit the video for length, join video clips together with some simple transitions, add audio (the Vimeo app offers some samples, but you can also use your music library), and add a title to your project.

Vimeo for iPhone
The video-editing screen lets you choose and add transitions, audio, and the title of your video. (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

In our testing, whether we were watching regular or HD videos, the Vimeo for iPhone experience was incredibly smooth. We were able to browse videos by category and flick through several submissions. The one feature that's not available is the ability to search for videos at the Vimeo site, but the folks at Vimeo pointed out that they made sure to get many of the traditional Vimeo features like Watch Later and Channels into this version first and will be adding search hopefully in the next release.

Overall, Vimeo for iPhone is an excellent way to check out the popular video Web site's content with many of the features Vimeo users have come to love. Once Vimeo adds search to this well-made app, it will be the ideal app for browsing Vimeo.com.

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