Exclusively on Download.com: O&O Defrag Free

Get O&O Defrag exclusively on Download.com. This automatic utility can improve your system's performance and keep it running smoothly by defragmenting data and preventing fragmentation before it happens.

O&O Defrag Free

Windows' disk defragmentation tool is an old workhorse that recent upgrades haven't really improved. In fact, more than a few users were disappointed that the strangely mesmerizing block-by-block progress display had vanished from newer versions. You can get the old view back and much more with O&O Defrag, an automatic utility that can not only improve your system's performance by defragmenting data but also keep it running smoothly by preventing data fragmentation before it happens as it chugs on unnoticed in the background.

Today, the developer has announced a brand-new version of its Defrag software: the Free Edition. Home users can grab either the 32-bit version or 64-bit version exclusively on Download.com for the next 24 hours.