Evernote Food now serving Android users

After hitting iOS back in December of last year, Evernote Food, aka the food-porn organizer, has finally made its way to the Android platform.

Evernote, the company whose mission is to "help the world remember everything," is now giving Android users a way to keep track of their meals, with the just-released Evernote Food app for Android. This means, if you're an Android user, you can now join your iOS friends in taking pictures of your meals, the restaurants where you eat them, and the people you are with, and saving it all on your Evernote account.

To get started with Evernote Food, you first have to log in with your Evernote account. Next, just hit the "+" button up top to pull up the New Meal screen. Here, you can add pictures (as many as you like), captions, tags, location (powered by Foursquare), and other pertinent info. The app can even help you out if you leave your title field blank by generating a title based on the time of day and location of your meal. Once you're done, your meal note will go right into your Meal List, which you can search through by keyword, location, and more.

Because Evernote Food is part of the Evernote family, everything you save is automatically synced across all of the other Evernote mobile apps that you use. You can also access your Food notes through your Evernote account on the Web. One nice feature that takes advantage of this seamless connection is Related Notes. At the bottom of every meal screen, the app shows you other notes in your Evernote account that it thinks are related based on location, time, or other factors.

One way that Evernote Food for Android trumps its iOS counterpart is sharing. With Android's robust, built-in sharing menu, you can send your meal notes to friends using pretty much any other social app you have installed. The app will send a unique URL, so any of your friends (Evernote users or not) can see a beautifully laid-out Web page with your meal details.

So far, I'm impressed with Evernote Food for Android. It's easy to use, runs smoothly, and looks attractive with its use of the slick Android Action Bar up top. Also, its powerful sharing tool is something that foodies will certainly use regularly. Evernote Food for Android is available now for free download on Google Play.