Enhance copy and paste with Clipboard

Clipboard allows you to clip only your favorite images, text, and videos from the Web to save and share with friends.

How do you improve a staple function like copy and paste? Simple. Make it smarter.

Clipboard is a content-centric utility designed for copying and saving content on the Web. With Clipboard, you can copy and paste custom elements from any Web page, whether it's images, articles, videos, or a combination of all three. No more worrying about precise highlights and tedious Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc. Simply register and log in to the Clipboard site. Clipboard will show you a quick tutorial video on how to add Clipboard to your bookmark bar.

Clipboard allows you to preview your clip and add tags for easy reference. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET)

Don\'t want to clip an entire page? Clipboard allows you to highlight and keep only the parts you want to save. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET)

After finding an item that you want to save, simply click the Clipboard button from your bookmarks bar. When you move your mouse pointer over a movie clip, image, or text, Clipboard will automatically highlight a section to copy. If you have a mouse wheel, you can scroll up and down to expand your selection. For longer articles, Clipboard also leaves the scroll bar intact to select offscreen content. When you're done, simply click the object. If you make a mistake, just hit Esc.

Clipboard will then open a new window, where users can preview their selection, add tags and call out other Clipboard users. Users can also opt to publish the item directly on their Clipboard page or keep their selection private.

From the dashboard, users can sort and edit their content by tags, set individual posts as public or private, and view other users posted clips.

Review all the images, articles and videos you've saved or check out other recommended content in the Clipboard community. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET)

Give it a shot and let us know how it worked for you!

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