eBay apps want to make you a power seller

Auction software that manages your online listings and bids can give you the edge when using eBay, Yahoo, and other Internet auctions.

eBay Auction Sniper and Auto Search
eBay Auction Sniper and Auto Search (Credit: PowerSnipe)

If eBay's 50 percent growth this last fiscal quarter is any indication, online auctions are still a favorite way to shuffle goods and pocket extra change. Power sellers--those eBay auctioneers who sell and gross high volumes--have gained the edge by applying their business savvy and possibly using one of the many auction software options from CNET Download.com. One popular program is AlienFiles, a listings creator and editor that supports multimedia files and helps manage your sale items.

There's plenty here for power buyers, too. Check out eBay Auction Sniper and AutoSearch, for instance, which automatically bids on your behalf in the fierce final seconds.

Which app makes you a happy collector or auctioneer?

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