Easy backups for Mac: Backblaze

Mac users: Have your important data backed up automatically with this tool that encrypts and stores your files on online servers for only $5 a month.


Just about everyone who works with a computer knows they should perform regular backups, but only a very small percentage actually do. While people's intentions are good, most simply think backing up their computer is too much trouble or software is too complex to figure out. Unfortunately, when the big crash finally does occur or a laptop is stolen, for example, the resulting loss of important data has us pulling our hair out wondering why we didn't take the plunge on backup software.

Today, a front-runner in backup software on Windows machines released a strong backup solution for Mac. Backblaze takes the guesswork out of backing up your data with an easy to understand interface, simple scheduling tools, and a brand-new external drives backup interface. To keep your data safe, use the Backblaze preference pane to securely back up your data online so when the unthinkable happens, you can resync your data from the last backup. Backblaze lets you restore from the Web or you can get a DVD or USB drive sent through FedEx.

The initial backup can take some time, but you can pause the process if you need to. (Credit: CNET)

On launch, Backblaze gets to work analyzing your drive for irreplaceable documents immediately, automatically scanning for important files like photos, music files, and other important documents. The files are automatically encrypted on your hard drive, compressed, and then sent to the Backblaze servers in their encrypted state. The initial backup can take up to a few days depending on your Internet connection, but once it's finished, Backblaze backs up files continuously as you work, making sure you won't lose the latest file revisions or recently added music and photos.

While you shouldn't notice a significant change in your Mac's performance during backups, you have the option of scheduling a time each day to perform the backup. Those who want full control over their backup schedule can simply hit a button to Backup Now whenever it's convenient.

The demo gives you a 15-day trial to find out if Backblaze is right for you, and a $5/month subscription fee is all you'll need to get regular backups with unlimited storage. Also, Backblaze is offering the first 25 people who install today a free 1-year license. Clearly, they will go quickly, so grab your copy as soon as possible.

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