Dress up your Web experience

Stylish for Chrome lets you customize the look and feel of frequently visited sites.

Stylish is a Chrome extension that enables you to change and manage the way user style settings of a Web site are displayed. In other words, you can set the look and feel of a frequently visited Web site. Stylish will display the Web site with customized CSS settings that can do things like remove pieces of content, set different colors, or create a whole new experience in other ways.

Stylish is really simple to use: just install the extension, navigate to any Web site, and click on the stylish icon. You can enable or disable user styles on the fly by selecting from the dropdown menu. What makes Stylish so great is that its partner site, Userstyles.org, hosts thousands of custom-generated styles for many popular Web sites. Heck, even our very own CNET.com has a couple of skins too.

You can grab Stylish here, or directly from the Chrome Web Store. Now you can freely browse Facebook without having anyone around you recognize the site, like your boss.

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