Download these winning apps for a perfect Valentine's Day

Short on ideas on how to spend your Valentine's Day? Check out these last-minute apps that can help get you started. Perfect for a solo campaign or with a partner.

If you didn't get caught in Cupid's spray this year, we have some pretty good ideas for how to spend your free day. Take a day off and spend it with the classiest person you know: that special guy/gal in the mirror. Of course there's nothing stopping you from using this list to get started on the best date ever, if you're lucky enough to feel the sweet warm embrace of requited love.

Go on an urban adventure
The world is a big and terrifying place, and it will remind you of that fact every chance it gets. Don't go out unprepared and lost. Discover the mysterious outdoors with:

Field Trip (Android): Think Yelp but with a tracking GPS function. Field Trip will alert you of cool and interesting things around you. Find hidden museums, trending restaurants, and local hangouts; nothing will escape your notice. Taking no effort, Field Trip runs in the background and will send alerts whenever it detects that a secret hipster's den is nearby.

Wanderous (iOS) is the iOS competitor of Field Trip. Whereas its Android counterpart is location-based, finding things in its immediate vicinity, Wanderous works as a treasure hunt for cool spots. Pick an interesting place and the app will navigate you there while intentionally guiding you toward other unique places along the way. In a way, it's a really a lot like Apple Maps, except getting lost in the process is a good thing. Spots are pulled from Wanderous' own database and is driven by the likes of Google, Food Network, Atlas Obscura, and other trendy resources.

Ingress (Android beta): The good folks at Nianticlabs (makers of Field Trip) really want you out of the house by creating this interactive travel companion. Part mystery game, part urban explorer app, Ingress lets you use locations in the real world to uncover the "truth" in the digital realm. Interact with other players and form alliances to save the world by solving cryptic clues to uncover the ever-evolving storyline. Currently in closed beta, Ingress promises to be an interesting experiment.

Prepare something tasty
After all that urban exploring and mystery solving, it sure would be nice to have something filling. Unfortunately, going to a restaurant or a bar today means running the risk of getting in the middle of all the love doves. If you know anything about doves, you'll know that they're just white pigeons, and what do pigeons do? Poop on your parade. Take a lesson instead and prepare yourself a great meal.

Epicurious (iOS | Android): With thousands of recipes and guides in its database, Epicurious can help you make one heck of a meal. Discover what you're in the mood for, create a shopping list, or organize by how easy it is to prepare. Epicurious has got something for everybody. Channel your inner chef; it will pay off in the future when you're shopping around for that special someone.

Liquor Cabinet: What's a great meal without a great drink? Unless, of course, you consider your drink a meal, then more power to ya, but you should still check out this app. There are other apps (for example, Mixologist ) for the mobile-bartender/alcoholic-on-the-go, but Liquor Cabinet makes it easy by helping you find a creation you can make with what's already on hand. Input your stock and select from a drink list that's readily available from your hidden office stash. The recipes are overall pretty good. You're going to want to trust us on this.

Stay in for a movie night
After of long day of adventuring and feasting, it'd be nice to kick up your feet and catch something on the TV. If you're not in the mood for the rom-com fest that's been looping on your TV all day telling you that relationships can be wacky and hilarious, you don't have much of a choice but to go online with:

Viki (iOS | Android): Check out some offbeat foreign flicks, music videos, and animations from around the world with this app. Through crowdsourcing, Viki managed to collect subtitles of more than 150 languages and thousands of shows, all for zero of your American dollars. Want to watch a Korean drama while practicing Spanish? Totally possible with Viki.

Can I Stream It? (iOS | Android): Remember that one indie movie from that one time your friend saw and told you about? Now you can look it up. Can I Stream It? can search for it (provided you know the title) and point you to where you can find digital copies online. Scouring through multiple legitimately free and paid services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Xfinity, etc., Can I Stream It? will be sure to find what you're in the mood for. Even when the search comes up empty, the app will continue to look for it in the background and will send you a notification once it finds a hit.

Also check out Sharon Vaknin's tips on winning her heart on Valentine's Day. Let us know in the comments what you think would be a fun way to spend Valentine's. (No dating apps; it's too late for that.)

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