Dolphin gets new look, better sync and battery life

A new look for Dolphin on iOS, and better sync and battery life on Android show that the browser is developing swimmingly.

The new look for Dolphin 3.0 on iOS. (Credit: Dolphin)

Updates to Dolphin HD for iOS and Android bring notable improvements to the browser on both platforms. Released yesterday, the overhaul of the iOS version's look makes it much more usable, while the Android edition keeps the feature-rich app running in ship-shape.

Dolphin HD 3.0 for iOS has an iPhone version and an iPad version, and the new look brings it more in line with its appearance on Android. The Speed Dial landing page has been refreshed to make it cleaner, while the Webzine feature for streamlining magazine-style content has expanded its categories and introduced some much-needed customization.

Meanwhile, the new version 7.3 Dolphin HD for Android gets two changes worth pointing out. Dolphin Connect, the browser's synchronization feature, has simplified the sign-up procedure in addition to being faster. Dolphin's battery management add-on, confusingly referred to as both Dolphin Companion and Dolphin Battery Saver (download), has better integration with its browser sibling and can disable icons in the notification bar. That's an unexpected feature for a browser, but as an add-on it makes as much sense as anything else that hooks into the host operating system. Dolphin announced the changes here.

Much like Lookout Mobile Security, Dolphin has proven that there's a strong user interest in mobile apps for core features, like Web browsing and security, that don't have origins in the PC world.