Dolphin gets a Garage to stash add-ons

Dolphin HD unveils two new ways to extend the browser's features courtesy a new program called Garage.

The Dolphin Garage launch page. (Credit: Dolphin)

SAN FRANCISCO--Tugging on Chrome's coat tails, the popular Dolphin browser has announced alongside the Google I/O developer conference a new framework for developers called Dolphin Garage.

Garage is an open API program for extending the functionality of Dolphin. Powered in part by Adobe Phonegap and Dolphin's own HTML5 framework called Engine, it will include the release of more than 150 APIs, which will allow developers to create their own add-ons for the browser.

Engine has proven to be a big boon for Dolphin, explained David Dehghan, technical architect at Dolphin. While at a W3C Web standards meeting at Facebook HQ in Mountain View, Calif., he told CNET, "People are surprised that we're actually passing many of the mobile browsers. We support more HTML5 than any other browser."

Nevertheless, the process of creating Garage was not an easy one, said Dolphin's head of marketing, Edith Yeung. "This is the first time that we've opened up some of our code to other people, so it's been a learning experience for us. It's definitely not easy to explain how we code to other people."

Dolphin reached out to some high-profile developers early. Garage launches with a Dropbox add-on for downloading Dropbox items without having to leave Dolphin; an Evernote add-on called "Remember Everything" that syncs Dolphin with Evernote accounts; and an HTML5-written Wikipedia add-on.

Dolphin has shown growth into areas that other mobile browsers have generally left untouched. The browser made a name with its early and broad gesture support, and continues to push the innovative feature set with its voice integration. As the company woos developers, though, it demonstrates that Dolphin is more confident in its growth and is willing to start taking on other browsers on their own turf.