Digsby introduces group chat, more social features

Digsby, a multiprotocol chat client that lets you manage your IM, e-mail, and social network accounts in one handy interface, has announced a new group chat feature.

Multiprotocol instant messaging client Digsby has sparked some controversy in the past, but that's not going to stop it from continuing to push out new features in an effort to improve user experience on the front end. The latest build of Digsby, set to push out later today, will include a much anticipated group chat functionality as well as some updates to its social networking features.

A look at Digsby's latest feature: group chat.

Group chat might be one of the most anticipated extras currently unavailable on Digsby. With the new build, you'll be able to create or join chat rooms on AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, and Jabber. The top right corner of the window will feature a room list button that takes you into the chat rooms, or you can create rooms under the Digsby > New Group Chat menu.

In addition, the service has revamped its LinkedIn connection with a redesign that's powered by the business networking site's new API, which allows you to comment on posts among other things. Also, Digsby has added Like/Dislike support to MySpace newsfeed items, but since the site doesn't have actual word buttons integrated on the front end, the functionality will simply add the text "like" or "dislike" to the comment section.

More information is available at the Digsby Blog.