DialPlus: Almost mobile caller ID on-the-fly

DialPlus is a mobile start-up that wants to bring contextual caller information to your phone before, during, and after the call.

DialPlus mobile app
DialPlus can serve directions and hours while you're on the phone with a business. (Credit: DialPlus)
DialPlus was one of more original start-ups presenting this morning at Under the Radar in Mountain View, Calif.

DialPlus is a native mobile app that pulls visual information from the Web before, during, or after a call to your Internet-ready mobile phone. When a friend calls you, for instance, you'll be able to see some social networking information. If you call a business, its Web site details should surface.

While it's not listed as a criterion, the app won't be of any use if you're not using an earbud or Bluetooth headset, because the contextual details display on your screen.

As one additional perk, you can send the data you see to a friend; a restaurant menu or directions were two use cases. While DialPlus will prompt your pal to download the app, contacts can also view the HTML data in their browser. Ads will be one revenue model.

I'm not loving the interface--it isn't especially attractive and looks like it could require some extensive scrolling as data fills the screen--but I do like the idea a lot. So did the judges, who rightly requested that the service more importantly pull in information about callers you don't know, like an on-the-fly caller ID. This would be immensely useful if DialPlus can find and deliver at the very least a person or organization's name before your phone kicks the call to voice mail.

DialPlus has an alpha version available for Windows Mobile phones (5 and 6) that you can download right now.

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