Countdown to Macworld

Macworld is only a few days away and the excitement in the air around San Francisco is palpable. While we wait for Steve Jobs' keynote speech on Tuesday, check out some of our latest news surrounding Macworld.

Macworld Expo 2008

With the new year under way and the holidays on the back burner, CNET's first big coverage extravaganza of 2008 was CES. The annual Consumer Electronics Show, which runs through the end of this week, was predictably brimming with cool gadgets and new technology. Many of our editors were on hand to give their take on all the sleek new products. Check out our extensive coverage of CES here. Though I was jealous to see all of the cool new items coming out of Las Vegas while I remained in San Francisco, I knew the next week would be the Mac users' turn.

In only a few days, the Macworld expo will once again descend upon San Francisco's Moscone Center, and Steve Jobs will take the stage to announce the latest Apple products. With last years release of the iPhone, this year is sure to be closely watched for the next big thing from Apple. Our very own Tom Krazit's One More Thing blog will have updates on new products, and we're going to have a CNET Macworld landing page (still in the works) for all the latest news from the show floor. One of our editors, Daniel Terdiman, was so excited, he was actually inspired to write some Macworld haiku.

So what's in store for this year's keynote? The speculation has reached a feverish pitch around Mac rumor sites with some people saying we're going to see new slimmer Mac laptops, while others are sure something else even bigger will be released. To add to the excitement (and maybe to remind CES attendees that theirs isn't the only conference in January), Apple released new Mac Pro desktops this week in advance of Macworld. Some rumor sites speculate the early release means Apple has enough great stuff to announce at the keynote that they can afford to let out some big news early. We'll just have to wait and see, but you can bet I'm excited to find out! Make sure to check this space next Tuesday for a breakdown of the new hardware and software releases from the keynote speech.

In other Macworld news, I will be joining the VersionTracker team in booth 4810 in the West Hall, so if you're at Macworld, drop by and say hello! We'll have all the latest news about VersionTracker, MacFixIt, and iPhone Atlas, and we'll have a great show special for new and renewing VersionTracker Pro customers.

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